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When your HVAC equipment runs more efficiently, you save money. Aquatech's Full Service Program includes an initial water analysis of your system, and then we take the steps necessary to ensure optimum efficiency.

We will install the necessary equipment to make the program work effectively. Once on-line, we maintain the entire program, including:

Chemical Applications

We provide, deliver, and apply all chemicals. No empty drums to dispose of.

On-Site Water Analysis

A trained technician will gather and analyze samples of treated waters.

Inspection and Maintenance of Equipment

Our technician will inspect all of the chemical feed equipment and controllers. Then we make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

A Detailed Report

Before leaving, our technician will provide you with a field test report and advise you or your representative of any extraordinary circumstances.

Pre Treatment Programs Also Available

Water Softners, RO Systems, Filtration Systems

In addition to on-line tower cleanings, we also provide:

  • Condenser Tube Brushing
  • Condenser Chemical Cleaning
  • Boiler Chemical Cleaning
  • Closed Loop Chemical Cleaning
  • Stain Removal (Irrigation)

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